Madeline Davies

I'm 17 years old and from Melbourne. Interested mainly in Africa - particularly the effects of civil war and the reasons Africa experiences the turmoil it does today. I enjoy looking back to the days of European Colonization and linking the effects Europe would have had to Africa's problems today. It is my current goal in life to study international development and enter the international aid field. I would like to specialize in community health in order to educate communities one day. Whilst I am interested in poverty I am also fascinated in the effects that African people themselves can change their world - therefore find foreign aid interesting, and the affects it has astounding. I have spoken to people from various countries in Africa before and almost all of them have said aid is what they need. Over everything including money. The development of countries is one of the most important things to me, and as I enter adulthood I hope that I never lose this passion. I feel that it is not just an enjoyment, it is a part of me.