Ilane Daly

I am 17 and love nature, I love animals and plants and helping keep them safe. I want to be a Conservationist and dream of making a life of just going from one country to the next on adventures whether it be with working with children, animals, nature, or all three. My favorite animals are Elephants. I love all animals, but elephants.. they are just special to me. They are giant, beautiful creatures. I am in 11th grade and work hard. I love to read and write. I write poetry and stories, they could be a lot better in my opinion, I am also working on that. I read exceptionally fast. I don't know why, I just get sucked into them I suppose, never could put one down once it got in my fingers. I have a sense of humor as well, I love to laugh - and make others laugh as well. I work well with others, and don't cause problems. I can be patient and kind in highly stressful situations, you would too if you grew up with my family. I love art and music and I love to sing. I'm not as great as my mum loves to tell me I am, but she's my mum, she's got to say it.