Do A Start Year

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I tried to post this blog a few months ago but somehow it got lost on the site and only recently been found so this is a repost!

I've wanted to go on a start year for many reasons.. I've always wanted to travel and despite never being totally certain of what I want to persue after leaving school, I've always known that I wanted it to be something that I could be proud of. I think a start year is perfect for this because not only will I gain amazing life experience from it but I will take away the amazing feeling that I've actually made a difference or some sort of impact on someone's life. I found out about Lattitude through my career's coordinator at school and was a little nervous about applying but after finding about YPWB scholarship and getting as much information as I could, it gave me that extra push necessary to just dive in and apply. Going overseas has always been pretty high on my bucket list, I'm so intrigued by other cultures and ways of life. I couldn't possibly think of a better way of achieving insight into these things than by living amongst it and being able to be a part of it. I want to learn from people and take away as much from the experience as possible, I feel like simply travelling to a country as a tourist means you get a really superficial level of understanding. You often miss the real-life, shocking, amazing and eyeopening elements and miss out on a lot of the culture. There are so many reasons I want to do a start year and I can't wait to begin the journey in turning this dream into a reality! :)

  • 4 years ago