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This is my first challenge on this website, i signed up just ten minutes ago. the reason i decided to become a volunteer is quite simple to me. i have always wanted to help others and try to fix the problems that i can see in the world around me.

My father died when i was 11, just four years ago. This obviously has had a major impact on my life and the way i view it. I have a different understanding of the world and life in general to my peers at school simply because of what i have been through. For a while i had no idea of what to do with my life. i didn't know any reason for my existence and didn't see the point to living at all. i wasn't suicidal, just having a bit of an existential crisis. then i gradually and kind of recently decided that the point of my life at least would be to make it matter. i wanted my life to have meaning and purpose, i wanted to try and make the world around me a fairer, better, and happier place in any way possible. i decided that when i was older i would like to become part of doctors without borders so that i could give help to people who need it. until i reach that point, i would like to do all that i can to change the world for the better through things like this website. i already volunteer a bit in my local community and am part of a program called high resolves through school, a leadership program thatallows high school students to try and make a difference about an issue of their choice. i am looking forward to challengeing myself further through this website.

In short, i feel that this world has issues that need to be fixed, and that i would like to be part of this fixing.

  • 4 years ago

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