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Hi I'm India, 14 and I'm really passionate about the environment. I think that the government is not putting nearly enough money into research on climate change or taking action! I know that I'm a kid and that most people see me as unimportant fly on the wall but my passions and ideas are real. EVERYONE can take action no matter how small. That's what makes up the big changes, the little things. So I think that we need to start small and get big, like at school. I want to start community service groups at every school for every age! I know that this has been done I some places but it's not enough! If we want to create a future for ourselves we need to educate the next generations. In these community service groups we would go and do real things like clean up Australia Day, earth hour, nature plantations  and help real people like going to a retirement village and being assigned a grandparent or working for organisations like Oxfam and Meals on Wheels. At the moment I feel useless, unwanted and guilty for having what other people don't bit this can change that and many other people feeling the same way. It's time for the kids to have their say! All the big things are made up of little ones. Time to make a stand!

  • 3 years ago