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So when did my journey begin with volunteering???…hmmmm let me think. Well I guess when was 14 and I thought as a young person what could I do to help the community? What cause should I donate my time to? Can young people actually make a difference? As a lover of quotes I was always reading quotes from inspirational leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King on how they have impacted the world and I suppose I wanted to impact the world too.

So my journey started off at my local Youth Advisory committee in South Australia. I thought heh I have a lot of energy, a big mouth and a whole lot of love to spread and I guess YAC was the best way to start. At YAC we did awesome things like helping set up beach safety program for newly arrived refugee migrants, Give grants to smaller oragnisations to implement opportunities in our local community and it was fanatic to see as a young person that I was making so much change.

So fast forward to 2011 and I’m in Zhangzhou in Fujian province in China with 60 Chinese students, teaching English. This awesome volunteer experience brought to me by Young People Without borders. I learnt a lot about volunteering and about how your little can mean so much to somebody. This journey propelled to want to do more for community but still I thought there are so many causes? So many needs!!! Who, what can I help???

One day I was watching a Ted talk by Afra Raymond and there was a quote that he said and really stuck me. The quote stated ‘If you are not outraged, then you are not paying attention’. I guess this made me change my thoughts on volunteering. Even though I had done a lot of it I guess I had never really thought about what issues were close to my heart? What issues have I not paid attention to? What issues have I ignored and not taken a stand about? What issues have I not been ‘outraged’ about?

 One issue that was close to my heart was the negative portrayal of African people through media and societies stereotypes.  Growing in Australia I felt like the consistent negative portrayal of the African people and continent had at times left me a little disempowered and sometimes even ashamed of my background.

 With this newfound ‘outrage’ I decided to co-found the Afro-Australian Students’ Oragnisation. Though at it’s foundational stages the Afro-Australian students organization (AASO) aims to empower and promote students of Afro-descent within the Australian community.  AASO is helping me provide a platform for other young people of Afro-descent, who may have felt the same way I have felt growing up. 

If had told me in September 2012 that my journey in China would have me starting an organization I guess I would have never believed it.  I have now started my journey at making an impact on our global society and walking always with the quote ‘If you are not outraged you have not been paying attention’ so ask yourself what have you NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TOO?? And when you find it, get outraged and make a difference.




  • 5 years ago

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