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i guess really it comes down to grade three... my mum was friends with the lady that ran the leukemia foundation in our local area so every year my best friend, my brother and i would go to the shops where it was held and help out by shaking the tins, asking for donations. it became a sort of competition of who could raise the most, but i knew that i only did it because it felt good to be helping. in grade 3 my hair was right down past my bottom and i decided that this year instead of just colouring it like i usually did i would cut into a bob, being a little kid no one took me very seriously and i didnt raise much but it felt good to be doing it and since then i just wanted to help. joining ypwb was a bit of a rash decision i guess. i heard about it after participating in a high resolves day at my school but the feeling i got sitting there cutting my hair was the main reason  

  • 5 years ago

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