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I don't know exactly where I got my passion for volunteer work from, there are a few places I can pin point however.  I know that my parents, particularly my mum, have a strong sense of justice.  My Mum and Dad did foster care for many years, but unfortunately had to stop because I became unwell.  I also have Girl Guides, which has played a huge role in my life and influences many of the positive things happening in my life today.  The sense of justice and community Girl Guides has given me is remarkable and I really do commend every guide leader on their astounding ability to get through to us girls.  From 5 year olds, to 17 year olds.  As strange as it may sound, being sick I believe strengthened my sense of justice.  I sort of had to accept that I was trying hard enough to help myself and I sort of figured I can't completely cure myself, so I will try and help others.  While I do only have mental health issues, they are quite severe but community service and volunteer work keeps me going.  I do not only do it for those who benefit from it, I also do it for myself.  I am in love with African history - linking how the early European colonists affected Africa then and the lasting effects it had.  There are so many things that have shaped me.  As my profile says, volunteer work is not an enjoyment for me, it is a large part of me, that I hope to never lose.

  • 5 years ago

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