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I lay awake all night long,

Wondering if I might belong.

Of love I felt the pain,

And yet have no gain.

I have faked for so long,

And inside I feel so wrong,

I know nothing about myself,

My feelings are on a shelf.

I don’t know how I feel,

I don’t know what’s real,

My life is all just a mess,

And I feel so much stress.

Inside my heart is breaking,

When all I do is faking,

I hide the pain and the tears

While I drown in all my fears.

And they still think I care

Coz the smile I wear

But my hearts turned to ice

For that was the price

I care no more for pain,

Happiness I feign.
I have loved and lost,
And at such great cost.

  • 3 years ago

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