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It is a shame a great disgrace that members of the Mara Race, did go into a sacred place and cause a mass destruction! A place of Murder years ago, by Henty, Learmonth and Co, the blood of Mara which did flow, for sitting on their country. Now Brolga, Emu, Kappatch flew, at sounds of dozer coming through, they fled their homes, what to do, just sitting on their country!! Now they were told this Mara Mob the Sacred of the stones, they schemed and planned, continued on, they did not care.... and that was wrong!! Destroying, spirit, dance and song!! Scarred trees alive, they knocked them down, our stones disturbed which for so long, a part of our volcano's song, which has been silent for so long, and now he weeps in sadness, 

A original poem written by my grandmother Lorraine Sandra Onus 

  • 3 years ago

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