Random Act of Kindness

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I've got to say I love random acts of kindness! I also love being the one that's performing the random act kindness! This time round, I made like Anti- depression kits ( it's a gag, and it's only meant to cheer you up , not to be taken seriously). Each contained certain objects that had symbolic and fun meaning behind them. Then I gave it out to people passing by! I will never regret seeing their smiles! It's like their smiles reached me, someone who is recovering from depression and anxiety.


( It's the thought that counts!)

1. A bunch of erasers to erase your mistakes!

2. A rubber band to stretch you beyond your limits!

3. Some teared paper to remind you that life isn't perfect!

4. A bright crayon to doodle your imagination!

5. A pen to write out your precious happy memories 

6. A white cloud to remind you of your dreams & aspirations!   ( soft cotton ball)

7. A kindness quote that will make your day!

  • 4 years ago

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