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Imagine this, you are 30-years-old and your dad is 60. You live in Melbourne, Australia and he lives in Boston, America. You want to know if he's doing his daily activities and is safe at home, right? You want that reassurance and peace-of-mind that he is safe at home but at the same time can maintain his independence. 

Well, my solution PROTEGO (PROactive Technology for Elderly on the GO) will simply provide you with that peace-of-mind. Your dad wears an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tag as a self-adhesive patch or a wristband of some sort and a network of antennae placed around his house track his location within his home. PROTEGO sends you an alert on an application when, in this case, your dad hasn't moved for a certain amount of time. The app has a plan of your dad's house (which will be drawn up to scale) and it works under a "traffic-light system". Green meaning he's up-and-about, Yellow meaning he hasn't moved for a certain amount of time  and finally red meaning he hasn't moved after that time has lapsed. 

So you might be thinking, what if my dad's sleeping and I get a false positive? Well, the RFID tag will have an inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope which enables PROTEGO to recognise whether dad's sleeping or walking about.

Well what if he is watching the latest episode of the Bachelor or Better Homes and Garden? Well, the "smart-software" on the cloud to go along with my solution will learn his daily routine. So he may get up at 7am on Weekday but wake up at 9am on Weekends, having a bit of a sleep-in; or watch some TV at 1pm up until 2pm. The list goes on. You get the idea!

P.S. You can also check out a video about my solution here: PROTEGO

  • 3 years ago