Make Change In Your Community

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honestly it would have to be drugs, smoking and alcohol. as a teenager myself i have been involved in this and i look back now and im horrified! in the blue mountains we are such a small place with not much to do so all the teenagers do is drink and take drugs and smoke. its a constant thing not just for special occasions for some its every weekend for others its everyday of the week! its giving teens the wrong idea that we dont have to work that we dont need to live that its okay to drink and smoke and get violent and get money of selling drugs when really its not! there is so much more out there then what teenagers all over are doing and they need to realise but they cant because they are addicted to this fake life where horrible things happen but they just drink more and more till reality goes away! being threw this myself i know how hard it is to get out of it but once your out honestly life is such a beautiful thing and there are so many oportunities out there!

  • 4 years ago

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