Volunteer Scholarship

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After working in the Victorian Alps for 4 months I stopped over in Melbourne on my way home to Adelaide. Staying with my older cousin Carla we talked about the experience I'd just been away on and how I was eager to do similar experiences away from home, exploring and living in places I had never visited. Overseas travel came into conversation and Carla was passionate about the idea of me exploring these options as she wished she had done so in her 20's. The following morning Carla heard through her work that Young People Without Borders were asking for applications in order to gain 2014 scholarships! Wow, what timing! Passing on the information to me I was quick to put on hold my shopping plans in the City of Melbourne and explore the application process and options through Lattitude Global Volunteering. Reading testimonials through their website only better enforced how much of a wonderful opportunity these programs are and how an overseas experience could definitely work into my plans for 2014! Seeing the support system behind these projects cemented my decision. Before you know it I rose to the challenge and sent the application off with nothing to lose and everything to gain! I can't wait to start this exciting adventure, immersing myself in a whole new culture and pushing myself to gain such rewarding and life changing skills through this experience. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to be actively living within a new environment and taking on a mentoring role with others. I am excited to meet so many people that can have as much an impact on my life as I hope to impact on there's. Bring on the New Year so these adventures can get underway!

  • 5 years ago