Make Change In Your Community

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The first and most important change I would make in my community, if I could, would be to make people aware of modern sexism. Many people deny it and say that 'sexism doesn't happen anymore' but this is far from true. Sexism has been around for ages, although it has improved greatly, such as women's right to vote, women not being expected to always be the home maker for the family and women having access to greater job opportunities. But some examples of sexism that still exist now are, how a man and a woman could be in the same business, doing the exact same job, at the same rate, with the same quality of work, and yet the man would get paid a significantly higher amount of money than the woman. Or how in less wealthy countries, women are not allowed to get an education and even when they are still very young, they are expected to stay home and clean the house all day. In some places the woman isn't even allowed to leave the house without a man. Those are some examples that face certain people. But an example of sexism that we all probably experience commonly is just jokes or sayings that make it seem like men are superior to women. 'Suck it up like a man', 'You'll need a man to help you with that, it's far too hard', 'There's no way you could do it, that's a mans job'. Also such things as men viewing women less like equal individuals and more like something that was made for their pleasure, things like catcalls are extremely common for any woman and can make us feel extremely uncomfortable, and unsafe. It's extremely sexist that men view us as a sex object, that they think they can hit on and treat disrespectfully, instead of a human like themselves that they should treat with respect and equality.

  • 4 years ago

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