National Day of Climate Action

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On Sunday 16th November I smothered my pale pale skin in sunscreen and head down to GetUp's Melbourne Climate Rally.  I had been asked to volunteer on the day and help direct people to the Rally, hand out signs and answer peoples questions about the purpose of the Rally. I was paired with a really lovely older guy who had been involved in activism since he was in his early twenties. As we stood in the shade and ushered some of the 30,000 people towards the stage, I listened to his awesome stories about the early days of environmental action in Australia. Definite highlight/funny moment was being asked to stand dumbly grinning holding a sign behind the media press conference. I believe 'look stoked' was the specific instruction I was given. All in all, a really inspiring day. Seeing the huge crowds gave me hope about how many people care about the issue of Climate Change and what a strong and diverse community is behind the movement. 

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Pictured: Me holding a sign looking 'stoked' 

  • 5 years ago