Volunteer Scholarship

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to be honest, i applied for this after a friend posted aboutit on facebook while i was studying for exams. in true, uni student style, i decided a bit of procrastination wouldnt hurt and i applied. within an hour after submitting my application any thought of travel or the scholarship had left my mind, and didnt return untili got the phone call to say I had been succcessful. wow! 

unfortunately, this was 2 days before my last and hardest exam(misleading conduct and economic torts-its as boring as it sounds) and there was no way i could stop thinking about it. my first reaction was shock, how was i going to fit in a placement with uni and work and life and everything and maybe it was a mistake or maybe a joke or something. so i pretended it was a dream and not real for a few days and then when i had finished my exams, i walked around the house in shock for almost a day before i called my mum to tell her the news. after that i just realised that uni and work could wait, i was going to travel. 

and here i am, off to india in less than 10 months 

  • 5 years ago