Do A Start Year

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oh wow! 

its all so exciting 

im headed to india in august next year. i will be staying in either dharamshala or darjeeling(like the tea) and teaching english. there is so much to do. first of all i am working myself to exhaustion trying to get up enough money for the experience and also for all the exciting things i want to do over there. then i have to apply for a passport, book flights, do all the introductory meetings and camps and so much more. i was in the bank the other day and realised i would need a different credit card for travel. there is stuff to do that i havent even thought of yet. 

having only traveled outside australia twice in my life, and both times with my family, this is so exciting and scary. but there is still a long time to go and lattitude is amazing and will help me get it all sorted. 

but for now, im focusing on the managable. a banana and a nap after a long day at work. 

  • 5 years ago