De-stress with a Mindfulness Meditation

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I belived on completion of this challenge I would be more peaceful and zen-like. What I did not expect was to learn to accept myself and my thoughts.

I started this challenge off with the guidance of the 'Headspace' app which gives you a guided meditation experience. I remember that the first time I sat down to meditate I felt like my 10minutes would never end. I was also under the impression that you must not think. Which of course is difficult as then you begin to overthink not thinking... However, when I had finished and opened my eyes I felt very happy. During those 10 minutes I had been on a roller coaster of thoughts and emotion varying from 'this ground is hard' to 'I would like some food. I wonder if there is any ice cream left'. But dear reader, let me tell you it does get easier the more you meditate. I learnt that thoughts and ideas come and go. Rather than push them away and think 'I must not be thinking', you acknowledge the thought and let it pass into a part of your brain to deal with later. I think that meditation is a great way to take a few minutes to focus on your mind and body. In a world that is hectic we need to make sure that we have space to breath and take some time out.

  • 3 years ago