End Child Marriage

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I signed World Vision's petition to end child marriage. I don't know how much my signature on that petition will mean or what it will do for the girls out there facing marriage, but it is some small thing that I have done to help.

I have read Khaled Hosseini's books, I know these are just fiction but I have no doubt they are based on fact. These opened my eyes to the issue of child marriage. I also read Sally Sara's Gogo Mama, a non-fiction, biographical book about 12 African women. Here, there is at least one story of child marriage.

Child marriage is something awful that needs to be stopped. Girls that go into child marriage no longer have the opportunity for an education as they are forced to stay home. They are raped and become pregnant at very young ages and are poorly treated by their husbands. We need to raise awareness about this and help these girls out.

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