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To be completely honest, I think that there are quite a few barriers in place when it comes to making a difference, and these often mean that people become somewhat lazy, removed from or indifferent about making a difference.

I do think however, that a lot of these barriers are in our heads, and to be honest (as a person who is often stuck in their own head) I think that most of the barriers that I find are actually these ones. Although, I have a passion for social justice and aim to take as many actions as are accessible to me, I often stop myself from pursuing something BIG. I have the idea that it's just not quite my time, or not quite my thing, that those making big differences- who have come before us, currently serving and who will come after us- are quite a unique person. And let's be honest (I realise I'm being very honest today!) they are. However, there really shouldn't be any reason that you or me can't be like them. 

There are of course, also those external barriers, often those that are a little out of control- that is, until we fight them!- such as people, resources and power. People will always have varying opinions and there will always be those who disagree or are cynical of our passion for making a difference to our community and world. Resources can be hard to come by, can require searching or money, but are probably not a huge barrier. And power is something which can be acquired over time; however, it can be a difficult thing to come by, or something we have to fight for, and if we're dealing with people in power....well, we all know a power-hungry person right?! (Hard work ;) )

In the end though, these are all just hurdles along the way. And as they say, acknowledging the problem is the first step towards beating it! 

We are Young People Without Borders, right? So really, there ain't no stopping us! 

  • 4 years ago

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