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There are many barriers that you would have to face to create gender equality, none of which are easy to overcome. In many cultures gender inequlity is written into years of traditions and custom. Part of the challenge is establishing that not all tradition needs to be lost to allow for gender equality but that some changes will need to be made to allow for a fairer society. Another huge problem to face is violence against women which is present in society due to the structure of some relationships. The only way to overcome such an issue is eduation. Educating men and boys to have respectful and non-violent relationships and educating women and girls on how they can access help if neccessary. Finally, girls must have equal access to education as if they are without there is little chance of them having the same sucess as their male counterparts. Without an education it is nearly impossible for a girl to compete for jobs, or a prominate place in society even if the man and the woman seeking the position both have the same set of skills. 

  • 4 years ago

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