10 Day Writing Challenge

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This is a very challenging one for me. 

I think that the issue of asylum seekers in Australia, and I guess essentially creating a workable policy around it would have to be one of the most difficult jobs going around.

I feel like a group of well-informed, open-minded, creative, enthusiastic, passionate people would be the way to go...how about some students? Yep, perfect. Let's go with that one.

I think that with an open-mind, passion and the right information (rather than a bunch of nonsense that's been forced on us by the media and government...) that a pretty good work of action could be put in place.

Prejudice seems to be draining out as we go through the generations, our generation is much more likely to feel like sharing with our fellow humans, we are passionate about taking action for justice and I think that we have just the right balance of proper information and of not having our thoughts narrowed down by stereotypical societal beliefs that something pretty great could come of this.

Just for good measure, we should probably throw in a politician who knows their stuff- Sarah Hanson-Young's a goodie; someone who has a seriously strong knowledge of asylum seeker policy and Australian foreign policy- ah, let's go for Julian Burnside there, and how about someone just to keep the peace and let everyone relax a little if everything gets a bit tense- Corrine Grant (she knows a bit about asylum seekers as well ;) ). 

Good. Perfect. Ok. Let's go! 

  • 4 years ago

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