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How does the United Nations work?

The UN is a group of nations that agree to a charter that contain the  obligations to 

- Maintain peace and security

- Create and maintain frienships with other countries, uniting the world

- Cooperate in solving international dispute and conflicts 

- Promote human rights

It was established in 1945 by 51 countries but has now expanded to most countries in the world. The UN does not create law, though every member country has a vote that allows them to resolve international disputes as part of the UN.

The UN is made up of five groups

- The General Assembly

Is a group in the UN in which all coutries have equal power and representation. In the General assembly decisions surrounding the budget, who is appointed to the security council and vote on resolutions to international disputes. 

- The Security Council

The UN security council is the main group in charge with peace and security. There are 15 members on the security council. Five are permanent and include China, France, UK, Russia and the US. The other 10 members are voted for in the general assembly and have 2 year terms.

- The Trusteeship council

- The Economic and Social Council

Coordinates the economic and social work undertaken by specialised UN agencies.

- The International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice resolves legal disputes between two or more member nations. Fifteeen judges preside over the International Court of Justice and no two citizens from one country may be judges at the same time.


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