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I've lived in my hood (community) for all of my life (minus half of last year..) and I have to be honest, it's a pretty great place.

However, as with anywhere there are of course issues that can be worked on...

1. Da kids in da streets of da hood- there are quite a few kids in my area who are pretty "cool". They seem to like the idea of wagging school, walking around the streets and causing trouble. For example, tagging various public buildings...in a way that does NOT look good as well as hustling into Woolies in a wolf-pack, staunching it, and trying to sneak out with cans of V under their jackets (which they must be investing in for when they grow 10 sizes bigger!) 

2. There are a few locals who are doing it tough, living off benefits and such. It can be a 'bad look' for the community when some of them spend their days hanging out in the park having a drink...however, my concern is more for their health and wellbeing. I feel like most of them can't be helping themselves much by hanging around the streets, but at the same time I know that the must be reasons behind why they're living the way they are and I'm sure there are ways that the community good give them a helping hand.

3. The litter bug. Now I know it's not a real bug...it's a group of bugs. And whether it be doggy do-dos, a chocolate rapper or the odd (or not so odd) beer bottle, it worries me that these people can't seem to take their rubbish to the nearby bin...

As a subset of my community, the above peeps are only a minority. However, for both their own benefits and that of the community as a whole, it would be nice to see some progress happening on the issues. 

  • 4 years ago

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