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In classic style, I was just going along with this challenge and didn't look ahead...hence, my previous entry was very vague. 

However, goals are of course, as always, very possible...so to achieve my goal of being in the midst of an awesome experience in 6 months time, I will:

1. Look into awesome organisations who run development programs overseas. I think that being a part of something like this is probably my most likely opportunity to have a great experience. There are many cool organisations around, however I think that it's really important to do a little background research and know what you're getting yourself involved in. Unfortunately, there are some programs which run with different purposes to those I would align myself with, and I would really like to be aware of why I'm working with an organisation and whether their heads are screwed on at the same angle as mine. 

2. Save up. The somewhat unfortunate truth is that by the time you pack the bags, catch a heinously expensive cab to the airport and say your teary farewells to the rents...you're going to need a little mula to be able to jet across the world. It tares my mind up a little bit- my mind is it's own complex being so I won't bore you with the deets- but in the end working, and working hard will be necessary. Not only does work give you that opportunity to take advantage of some great opportunities but it also teaches you a lot. 

These don't sound too hard hey? I'm definitely going to give it a shot with this more advanced direction that I now have, however a little bit of going with the flow is probably still going to be heavily involved in my 6 month plan. 

  • 4 years ago

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