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Answer: Because it's the greatest organisation around! 

But seriously, it's simples...this question is pretty much asking, why be a part of an amazing community full of inspirational and motivated people who want to and have awesome successes in making social change happen? It's asking, why join a supportive network who will guide you through the processes of finding the social movements and volunteer work which you have always wanted to be a part of it? It's asking, why associate yourself with other like-minded people who care about the same things as you?

It would seem that the answers are in these questions. 

Truth is, YPWB did not only help me to have the most amazing year of my life and to recognise my passion for social justice, but they have never left me hanging since. The opportunities remain open and YPWB presents me with one of the main pathways towards joining with others and creating real change in my community and beyond.

To be a borderless young person is great, but to be a part of a group of borderless young people is even better! 

  • 4 years ago

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