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Hey I'm Patrick with JOY 94.9. I've worked with the LGBTIQ community for a number of years and I'm passionate about making sure that everyone in our rainbow community is safe, accepted, loved and celebrated.

But many are still unable to come out from the closet, due to pressures from family, society and even from their own internalised homophobia/transphobia. The road out of the closet is one often filled with mistakes, uncertainties and in some case many signposts telling you to turn back.

Closet Tales Goes To the Streets, encourages people still in the closet to share their stories. We hear life outside, let's hear of the life inside. This project will be heartbreaking, life affirming and cathartic. I hope though it will encourage people to share their stories, through anonymity and safety.

I'm happy Innovation Nation exists, it encourages young people to step up, take challenges, make mistakes and think big.

I look forward to sharing this idea with all of you!

  • 3 years ago