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M.I.A. is a great example of D.I.Y. rap aesthetic with a truly punk social message. This song particularly invigorating and featured a very harrowing film clip with a genocide of red headed people. Its brutal but truthful in its depiction of genocide. In Australia we have a bloody history of cultural and actual genocide of our Indigenous people, for M.I.A. she refers to the genocide of the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan government. 

For me I see this song as a true expression that we are all on this Earth, and should all be equal and not treated any differently at all.

The inclusion of the sample of 'Ghostrider' by the proto-synthpunk band Suicide is ideal. They were the punks that the punks hated even though they were the first band to ever label themselves 'punk'. Punk has a long association with LGBTIQ history as it was a derogatory term initially for men who had sex with men. It was then adopted as a defiance measure.

For me even though they moved in separate directions: punk, rap and the LGBTIQ movement they all interlink in history and all point to one thing: we are born free.

  • 3 years ago