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Anorexia Nervosa

You took my smile away from me

Although you had promised me you would make me as happy as can be

You took my thoughts, and twisted my dreams

Even though you had said that we would be working as a team

You took my friends, one by one

I had stupidly believed you when you said nothing would come undone

You took my honesty, made me lie everyday

As you didn’t mention the price I’d have to pay

You took my family, making them worried and confused,

You had failed to mention everything I would have to lose

You took my life, replacing it with yours

Controlling every movement, creating all these laws

You took my body, starved it of the world

You made me nothing to myself, as my life became to unfurl

Then when I realised you were no friend to me,

I had already fallen too far, and you had lost the key.

You had trick me with your deceiving words, you lied and lied to my face

Do you not feel guilty, regretful; do you even admit you’ve lost the race?

For you’ve endangered my life and I just want to let you know

I am not listening anymore so you are more than welcome to go.

  • 3 years ago

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