Simulated asylum seeker experience.

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Out of all the challenges I have participated in on YPWB this
has been the most eye-opening and acted as a reality check as to the hard lives that many are simply born into. In the first two times I undertook this challenge I became unable to go anywhere. In the simulation my family and friends were worried about me, I was getting abused verbally and physically and
yet I couldn’t find a way to leave. I felt that I would never be able to get through the simulation-that is the life of thousands fleeing their country across the globe. On the third and final simulation, after starvation, abuse, financial trouble and much uncertainty I finally made it into a refugee camp. I never thought that finding a virtual lady standing in a blue UNHCR vest would give so much joy and yet my character still wasn’t resettled. It took years and years and in their lifetime they were neve
reunited with the ones they loved.

The simulation was charged with emotion and made me realise that in the long journey for asylum seekers we can be the ones to give hope when all seems lost…and yet it doesn’t appear that our government is willing to change it's stance.


  • 4 years ago