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I love blogs. I spend about two hours a day sifting through my google reader, not to mention about an hour on Tumblr, and another hour on sites like BoingBoing and xoJane digesting all manner of videos, photos and writing that make it onto the internet (if my boss is reading this, it's all 'research”). I feel that this makes me something of a blog expert. A bloxpert if you will.Oh sorry, I didn't see you there. I was just updating my blog.Which is why I wanna lay down some facts. The best part about Young People Without Borders is the content that we share. Young people go out into the community, contribute in all sorts of amazing ways, and report back on it at But not all blogs are created equal. Some blogs are better than others. Here's my list of tips for taking your blogging to the next level:Don't Write Like It's a School EssaySnorefest. There's nothing more boring than reading a 1500-word magnum opus that dryly reproduces information that you found in a textbook. I'd much rather read 300 words on a topic in your own voice, with information that you've carefully chosen because it's interesting and relevant. A great example is this blog about using humour to deal with racism.Link it UpIt's 2013, yo. If Felix Baumgartner can jump off the edge of space, you can add some hyperlinks to your blog to make it more dynamic.Write What You KnowYes it's a cliché – but it works. When you write about something you're passionate about – even something out of left field – that passion manifests itself on the page (er…screen). Check out Liam Carswell's withering critique of Australian politics, 'On Being Gay in 2012”.Get Photo and Video HappyPhotos and videos break up a blog, help to tell your story, and make the whole thing more vibrant. Don't wanna blow your mind here, but some of the best blogs are just photos or videos.Keep At ItBecause the more you post, the closer you will get to finding that sweet spot, where you are totally in control of the words/images/voice and can create something truly special.PS - Wanna begin your blogging odyssey here at YPWB? Just head to your profile and click 'content' to get started.

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