Make a playlist on an issue you care about

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A Spring Snowstorm is the name I've chosen for my playlist for the "Make a Playlist on an Issue you care about" Challenge.

I've got Depression and an Anxiety disorder, I understand what grief feels like, how it feels like when your lost, when your drowning and everyone else is walking. All these feelings are like a Snowstorm for sometimes you feel so cold and empty inside, or things are so violent your breaking apart. Metaphorically the title of this playlist represents Depression and Anxiety throughout all stages of the year, Spring Summer Autumn and Winter. What more depression and anxiety does not just happen in Australia its a global issue and the Music in this playlist have incorporated other languages from around the world. Mainly its a list of Music I really like. 

Civil Twilight - A Letter From the Sky

One T - Ocean

Zankyou No Terror - Von

Magic - RUDE!

Olafur Arnalds - Only the Winds

Tokyo Ghoul - Licht & Schatten by Yutaka Yamada

Taylor Davis Fairy Tail Theme on Violin

Spyair Just One Life

Sleeping With Sirens You Kill Me

Bring me the Horizon Can you feel my Heart

Said the Sky Book of us

Crywolf - Neverland

Celtic Music - Woodland Tales

This Game - No Game No Life

Pirate Love Song - Black Heart

Feint - Clockwork Hearts

Kasseo - Intro

Astronomyy - Things I'd do for you

Die Antwood - Enter the Ninja

Tsuioko no Sougen

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