Feminist Hero

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The feminist hero that I would like to talk about is my sister Sarah, there is a 13 age year difference between her and myself and she took the role as the big sister very seriously. Growing up we had very little: we grew up in a single parent house hold and money was incredibly tight. Sarah was dropped out of High School in year 11 and started working full time, sending portions of her paychecks back home to mum to help pay the bills and to support me as a young child. In her early 20's she became the director of a security firm and would not only work 80 hour weeks but she also became the breadwinner of the family and eventually put a roof over mine and my mothers heads. 

She worked tirelessly in an industry vastly populated by men, she turned a job into a career and saved our family from poverty. She is beyond a hero in my eyes not just from what she sacrificed from herself but because still to this day, she doesn't think what she did was exceptionally out of the ordinary - she says its just what you do for family.  

  • 3 years ago