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Hey guys.
I know its a little odd considering im a returned volunteer but im a bit slow with the whole change of website and all my posts from last year are lost (or that's what I'm assuming)
Probably if I looked back at them I would laugh at what I had written and think why did I say that?! So maybe its a good thing I cant read them

Anyway that's not the point. This challenge got me thinking about why I decided to volunteer in the first place. This means we have to go back in time.... all the way back to August 2011 (so far back!) . I was in year 12 at the time with no idea what I was going to do once the year ended so anyway I was sitting in one of my classes not really paying attention and was for some reason actually reading the newsletter that was emailed out to us every Monday so class must of been really boring that day and im lucky it was because if it wasn't I never would of noticed the little announcement at the bottom of the page about a new programme with involved volunteering overseas..

honestly it was tiny, and I actually tossed up if I should apply or not. I had the usual doubts in my mind, you know the ones... "What's the point? I wont get accepted, I cant do that...etc." and I couldn't help but think how awesome it would be if I did get accepted and anyone who knows me knows I have always always always wanted to go travelling so in the end I thought screw it im going to apply and so I did.

and Woooooooo! just like that I was going to Vietnam. I was honestly so excited! and it gave me a goal to achieve once I finished school. I got and still get plenty of "what are you doing that for? why would you do that?" questions

and even now I still don't understand when or why people question my reason for going and I, personally, am not very good with words and struggle to put my reasons for volunteering into words but basically, It was a mixture of personal reasons, a longing to travel and wanting to make a difference in some small way.

annnnnnnd, after all that rambling if anyone is actually reading this all im trying to say is, whatever your reason for volunteering wherever or whatever that volunteering requires. just do it, you wont regret it and don't ever feel the need to justify your reasoning for anyone 

The decision to volunteer was and still is the best one I ever made in my life.  



  • 5 years ago

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