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Hello blogsters!

I'm here to tell you all about what sparked my passion for international development and foreign aid projects.

After spending time volunteering on a medical work placement in the region of Iringa in Tanzania earlier this year, I have become incredibly inspired to help those living below the line of poverty in underdeveloped countries.
My time working in the Iringa Regional Hospital and surrounding health clinics and orphanages was phenomenal. I felt so blessed and so humbled to be able to make even the slightest difference in the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people. The children particularly touched my heart. I was overwhelmed by the fact that these children had very little compared to myself, yet they were some of the happiest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This was true of all the people I came across both in the hospital and in the broader community.
The people of Iringa lacked basic necessities. These are families who struggle daily to find enough food to eat, they lack access to clean drinking water and most horrifically they lack access to readily available, adequate health care. The medical staff at Iringa Regional Hospital does such amazing work with what little resources they have, but there are people, predominately children, who are dying from preventable illnesses such as malaria and tuberculosis.
Even though this community is so severely underdeveloped and impoverished, the people here are so full of joy, happiness and most importantly hope. I found this to be the most uplifting and inspiring thing about my trip. These communities live such simple lives and can only dream of the luxuries we take for granted.
I knew after witnessing firsthand the cycle of poverty that I could not return to Australia and live my life in the same way I had before, something had to change, I had to change. I knew that something must be done for these people and I knew it was I who had to help. Since returning from Tanzania I have become quite streamlined in my mission to eradicate the cycle of poverty, in particular child poverty. 
I have spoken to members of the Red Cross about my trip, I am an advocate for a new charity called Project Iringa which was set up in January of 2013 by two English girls who were also volunteering in Iringa and I am currently in the process of organising an event to raise money to purchase much needed medical equipment to ship to the Iringa Regional Hospital.
I have recently been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work for World Vision Australia after being short listed to the top fourteen applicants in both Victoria and Tasmania combined for the position of Youth Ambassador for World Vision.  This position was all about promoting and educating secondary school students about the 40 Hour Famine, however unfortunately I did not make it any further than the final fourteen but I was instead given the opportunity to become a member of staff and work as a fundraising promoter for child sponsorship.
I am incredibly passionate and determined to make a lasting difference in the lives of those less fortunate than myself.  I am driven towards helping others, especially those with limited ability to help themselves.  I strongly believe that my purpose in life is to be a charity advocate, especially in the area of breaking the cycle of poverty. It is this experience that has pushed me towards applying for a scholarship with Young People Without Borders, as I feel it would be such an invaluable opportunity to be able to spend such a large chunk of time serving the poor and physically helping to empower people in these underdeveloped communities. 

Peace and love, 

Hannah. x

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