World Radio Day: Create your own podcast!

February 13th is World Radio Day. Create your own podcast and become a radio star.

All over the world today, people are celebrating the power of the radio. According to the UN World Radio Day site, radio remains one of the most widely accessible mediums for news and information, entertainment and music. In areas of Africa where only 2% of farmers have access to a phone, 76% listen to the radio. In Australia, people still crowd around the radio (or laptop, or phone) to listen to the Hottest 100 every year on the 26th of January. American radio show This American Life's murder-mystery podcast Serial peaked at over 5 million downloads per episode. Powerful stuff, huh? 

You can get in on it. In honour of World Radio Day, create your own podcast. It can be about whatever you want, for however long you want. To complete the challenge, share your script or recording with the community here.