World Health Day: Make your food safe

World Health Day in 2015 is focused on food safety. Take food safety into your own hands by making your fridge food safe.

If you're anything like us, food (well, eating) is a big part of your life. But how often do you think about food safety? That's the focus of World Health Day 2015. They've created a video that explains how we keep our food safe for everyone, from farm to plate. 

 What can you do? Celebrate World Health Day by making your own fridge food safe. All it takes is a little rearranging! The good folks at have put together this handy infographic to help you organise your fridge to keep your food fresh and safe! 

To complete the challenge:

1. Rearrange your fridge to keep your food fresh and safe. 

2. Take a photo and submit it here! 

Banner image courtesy of the World Health Organisation