We Can Be Heroes: Identifying strengths

This challenge is for participants of Change It Up, but is open to anyone!

Think about your local hero. Maybe it's the mayor, maybe it's a particularly awesome teacher, maybe it's a football or netball star, or maybe it's just the guy in the fish and chip shop who gives you extra chicken salt. 

What strengths do these local heroes have that makes them a hero? Is it kindness, organisation, intelligence? 

Our hero Verity (one of the Change It Up Alumni) realised that mental health issues were affecting the young people in her community.  She identified that her love of music and bringing people together could be her greatest strength. So she held a youth-friendly music event called "Open Minds" to start a discussion about mental health issues and promote the mental health services available in her community. 

Now it's your turn.

To complete this challenge:

1. Identify three people in your local community and write a blog post about their strengths. It doesn't have to be long, just a sentence about each person you can refer back to later. 

2. Head to instagram and post a pic that shows your greatest strength. You can represent your greatest strength any way you like (as long as you keep it G-rated). Post your picture with the hashtag #fyachangeitup so you'll be able to find it later. 

Banner image courtesy of flickr user ashley rose