Tell Your Story

Tell the story of why you decided to become a volunteer.

Take some time to reflect on the story of why you became a volunteer. You may go far back into your life - to your parents or grandparents - or you may choose to focus on a more recent moment in your life.

Focus on the challenges you had to face, the choices you made about how to deal with them, and the satisfactions or frustrations you experienced. Why did you make those choices? Why did you do this and not that? 

What did you learn from reflection on this moment of challenge, choice and outcome? Do they teach you anything about yourself, your peers, your community, your nation, and the world around you  - about what really matters to you? What elements of the story offered you real perspective into your own life?

Share your story in words or images. If you are familiar with the Personal Narrative method of storytelling, you can use that structure to guide you. 

Image: carmagenyc @ Flickr

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