School's out: Donate your ATAR

Our goal is to get as many Australian school leavers to donate to charity as possible. Every little bit counts.

If you finished Year 12 this year, why not donate all or a portion of your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) to charity? 

Pledge to match a percentage or all of your ATAR to a charity of your choice. If you get an ATAR or 72.40, you could pledge the full $72.40 ... or pledge half, for a donation of $36.20... or pledge a quarter for a donation of $18.10.

It's a terrific way to mark the end of your school years, and make your ATAR more meaningful. Head here to make a donation to charities including Variety, City Mission and Surf Lifesaving. 

Image: Robert Bejil @ Flickr

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