Random Act of Kindness

Do a Random Act of Kindness this holidays.

I’m all about kindness. I think it really underrated and sometimes discouraged in our society. Too often people ask (I’ll admit I am one of them) ‘what do I get out of this?’ 

For a long time there has been a tradition in my friendship group of Random Acts of Kindness. R.A.K.s are a gesture, thought, little note or a reminder to someone you know. It might be your best mate or your mum, or it might be the lollypop lady you see every day, R.A.K.s provide you with the chance to brighten someone else’s day. 

The thing that makes a R.A.K. awesome is if it is anonymous, giving without the expectation of recognition or credit.  You might want to write someone a little note with something you like about them, do a favour for someone or plan a surprise for them. It doesn't have to cost any money and it doesn't have to be big but it WILL make someone feel really great!

At Young People Without Borders we think this is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and get in to the spirit of things. 

Here is how you complete the challenge

1.  Accept Challenge

2.  Complete a small Random Act of Kindness

3.  Write a short blog take a photo of your Act

4.  Post on Young People Without Borders

Photo cred Ed Yourdon @ flickr

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