New Day Box

Fill a box with skincare, cosmetics and other treats for a woman living in crisis accommodation this Christmas.

This challenge has expired.

Step 1: Get an empty shoebox. 
If you don't have a shoebox, we can provide one!

Step 2: Fill your box with skincare, cosmetics and chocolates. 
We've found it usually costs around $40 - $60 to fill a box with items from more economical brands! Spend what you feel comfortable with, and we'll supplement boxes with samples and extras where we can. 

Step 3: Write a message to the recipient. 
This is optional, but if you choose to this is an opportunity to write directly to the woman receiving the box. You can write a message of support, or a little of your own experience if you like. The feedback we're getting from shelters is that they believe a message of support from another woman will be just a powerful as the box itself. The recipient will not receive your contact details, but each box will be numbered and she can reply quoting that number. We'll match the number with your email address and pass her message back to you.

Please be assured that your privacy, and the privacy of the women receiving boxes, will always be respected.

Step 4: Your box is done! You can get your box to us in two ways.
You can either drop your box off in the Melbourne CBD or post it over:

Drop it off
The Envato offices are storing the boxes until they are ready to send out to shelters. You can drop your box off to:

Envato PTY LTD 
121 King St
Melbourne Vic 3000

You can check our the New Day Box website for more info. 

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