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Create messages about the importance of our environment and decorate a tree at your school with them.

Our environment is an incredibly important part of our livelihoods. Unfortunately, at the moment lifestyles in the developed world are typically unsustainable and further action is needed to look after our planet for future generations. In recognition of this issue on a global scale, the UN holds World Environment Day annually, this year to be held on the 5th of June

A particularly pertinent issue in this realm is that of climate change.

Did you know that global warming is likely to make people more aggressive? Imagine some of the other consequences which this could have on the world...not to mention all of the other impacts on our environment, animals and the world’s population. If you and your friends are concerned about this issue then maybe it's time to spread the word... and jazz up your school grounds a little in the process. Get those ideas out on (scrap) paper and create artwork out of it!

Spread the word about the serious impacts which climate change is having on our earth to your school friends and ask everyone to write down what they understand about it, their ideas or their feelings in relation to the issue. 

Using string, attach the ideas/feelings/pledges to a tree on your school grounds and allow it to be a constant reminder to yourself and your peers of your concern with our environment and your ability to take a stand. If a tree isn’t available, allowed or it’s a classicly rainy Melbourne (or Aussie) day then stick the notes up around your school= decoration+advocacy.

NOTE: 5th June= World Environment Day, however the activity can be conducted on another day around this if it is better suited.

Here’s a little info to get you started

Image: Jennifer C @ Flickr

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