It's Not OK to say That's So Gay

A creative way to challenge friends when they use homophobic language.

Homophobic language is not ok. It excludes people, and discriminates against them.

Most of us would never think of ourselves as homophobic... but we use homophobic language just the same. We're talking about using the word "gay" when you mean "stupid", "crappy" or "lame".

It's time to stand up and let your mates know that it's not OK to say "That's So Gay". Inclusive people use inclusive language, and it's lazy to use 'gay' when you mean something else.

Your challenge: create a set of cards with alternative words on them. Keep them in your bag or wallet, and the next time a friend says something is 'gay', give them a word card.

Keep things light by making the words funny. Our suggestions:
- Gruesome
- Revolting
- Dreadful
- Odious

Take a photo of your word cards and upload them here!

Image: Shandi-Lee Cox @ Flickr