Help a mate through exams

Print this list of exam survival tips, and give it to somebody you care about.

Exams, huh? There's no doubt that it's a rough time of year for everybody involved. You've probably got mates who are feeling stressed, anxious or or just over it. 

If there's somebody special in your life, and they're struggling through this exam period, reach out to stop them getting too miserable. We've put together this list of exam survival tips - it might help your friend get through the weeks ahead, or at least make them crack a smile. 

1. Download our list of Exam Survival Tips
2. Address it to your friend - and decorate it too. 
3. Give it to your friend in person, or slip it in their locker. 

Go on, it's dead easy. Good luck - and see you on the other side! 

Image: Nick Aldwin @ Flickr. 

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