Have a simulated asylum seeker experience.

In correlation with World Refugee Day experience some of the challenges of being an asylum seeker.

The UN’s World Refugee Day is on the 20th of June. This day aims to bring global attention to the issue of refugees, to spread the facts and get people thinking about how this issue should be addressed on a global forum.

For most of us who were born and raised in Australia, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like as a refugee. Feeling persecuted in your country, your life being at risk, having to escape your own country and battle through international politics to find a new place of safety seems beyond imagination. Well, now’s your chance to get a glimpse into the decisions and challenges you may have had to face if fate had so had it that you were born into a war-torn or famine-ridden country rather than into Aus.

Follow the link and complete the simulation challenge. Get a little taste of what it may be like to be an asylum seeker. Then post a blog about how the experience felt and how you think Australia should be treating those who come to us for help.



NOTE: World Refugee Day is on the 20th of June, however, the simulation can be completed at any time that suits you.

Image: David Jackmanson @ Flickr

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