Grand Final Fundraiser

Get your mates to donate to your favourite cause.

Ahh, the AFL Grand Final. What a fabulous day of family, friends, and football. A day where ordinary Australians come together, share a meal, and argue about whether Buddy Franklin is an opportunistic hero or a backstabbing Judas. 

If you're spending your Saturday with the people you love, why not use the Grand Final as an excuse to contribute to the world. It's easy to turn your Grand Final BBQ into a Grand Final Fundraiser. Here's how:

1. Pick a charity or issue that you care about. Maybe it's Amnesty International, The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, or Friends of the Earth.
2. Find a vessel to collect your donations in. You could use something you have lying around, like a bucket, bowl, or top hat.
3. At half time, gather everybody together, and talk about your chosen charity. Ask the people in the room to make a donation to the cause. You could set a suggested donation of $5 or $10, or just ask people to give what they can. 
4. Watch. The. Footy. 
5. Pass the money on to your chosen charity. Most charities have the option to donate online, or you could visit them in person. 
6. Don't forget to take a photo of your Grand Final Fundraiser, and post it here!