Go Vegetarian for a Day

Challenge yourself to eat a plant-based diet for a day to reduce carbon emissions.

October is World Vegetarian Awareness month, so we're challenging you to get on board!

It's pretty common to meet vegetarians who don't eat meat because they care about animals, but did you know that going veg can have a huge positive environmental impact too? 

Meat takes a lot of water to produce - not just for the animals themselves, but for the crops that we grow to feed the animals. And cows are huge emission culprits, producing up to 500 litres of Methane per day. (Yes, we're talking about cow farts.)

This cute video from the UK breaks it down:

Your challenge is to reduce the impact you have on the environment by going vegetarian for a day. You might find that it's not as hard as it looks, and decide to keep going for a week, a month, or forever! While you're on your vegetarian adventure, post a blog or photo here about the experience.