Give an Ethical Gift for Xmas

Give an ethical gift this Christmas, and do something nice for the world.

Buying thoughtful Christmas presents is hard - and it sometimes feels like we’re being pushed to consume so much stuff. In the frenzy to get the perfect gift, we’re not often mindful of the impact that gift has on the world. 

Your challenge is to buy an ethical gift for somebody this Christmas. You might like to choose a gift with an environmental bent. You may like to make a donation to a charity that you believe in. Or you might like to support a social enterprise. 

You don't even have to buy your gift! You might like to DIY a present using found objects, or bake something delicious. It's up to you. 

We've put together this list of ethical gifts as a starter, but feel free to look far and wide! Post about your gift here, and make sure you describe how it will positively impact the community. 

Image: Filmme Fatales zine.